The UGC-Human Resource Development Centre, University of Kashmir (formerly Academic Staff College) was established in 1987. For the past 32 years the Centre has provided academic training to more than 7500 teachers working in colleges and universities across India. The broader objectives of the training programmes are the professional and personality development of the trainees. The higher education system in India had very little to offer to younger faculty in terms of exposure to new methods of teaching so as to enhance thinking capacity of students and to prepare them for performing socially responsible role in a transitional society. The HRDC centres have largely filled-up the gap but more needs to be done in this otherwise very important domain. At our Centre the experts/Resource Persons are drawn from fields like academia, corporate, media and public life having wide experience so that participating teachers can draw from a wide pool of expertise and knowledge. The teaching/learning environment at our Centre is informal, interactive and inspiring. The participants are encouraged to discuss and dialogue so that the academic space is made both democratic and dialogic. The staff at our Centre has also found it prudent and possible to take the participants to the field and connect them with different stakeholders who are critical agents of change at different levels of our society.

Prof. Mushtaq A. Darzi