Talk by noted writer, thinker and poet of the valley, Mr. Zareef Ahmad Zareef

A special session was organized today by UGC-HRDC,  University of Kashmir for the participants of ongoing 83rd General Orientation Course wherein noted writer, thinker and poet of the valley Mr. Zareef Ahmad Zareef delivered a talk on the role and responsibilities of a teacher vis-a-vis fast changing times and trends. In his lecture he dwelled at length upon the rich traditions and legacies left behind by great teachers in the history of Kashmir and urged upon the participants to follow, nurture and uphold those traditions. He emphasized upon the need to preserve our rich culture and heritage and protect our mother tongue Kashmiri at all costs. Mr. Zareef called upon all teachers present to observe highest ethical and moral standards in their teaching learning practices and display decent and dignified etiquette and mannerism while dealing with students. He underlined the need to nurture our magificent cultural ethos and value system in all spheres of our lives and propagate the same to our generation next. In his own inimitable style Mr. Zareef lamented about the degradation of moral values in our society and emergence of vices like drug addiction, corruption and intolerance.  He elaborated upon the role and responsibilities of teachers in laying a strong foundation for a morally just and ethically sound society. His deliberations were welk received and highly appreciated by the participants of the course.  Director HRDC,  Prof. Shabir Ahmad Bhat expressed his gratitude to Mr Zareef Ahmad Zareef for visiting the Centre and interacting with the participants in spite of his pre-occupations and other engagements.  

  • Event Date: 29-Jul-2019
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